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About Our Ministry

Rainbow Faith is a Christian encouragement ministry. Our mission is to encourage and uplift
those traveling the painful journey through grief, with words of inspiration, faith and hope through
our heartfelt
grief poems and stories. Although most of the stories posted at this website are
specific to grief and loss, the message behind each can be encouraging to anyone going through
any type of life storm, needing an extra boost. Our prayer is that through the pages of Rainbow
Faith you will find the encouragement you need to help point you in the right direction on the
precious road to Peace.

Ferna Lary Mills

After losing both of her parents within a ten-month span, Ferna relied heavily on her deep faith in
God for the strength to make it through her own personal grief. Much of her time was spent in
writing down her most heartfelt thoughts and feelings in poems, essays and journaling, which she
decided to share here at this website and in her book,
"The Rainbow, Words of Inspiration, Faith
and Hope"
. Her book is available through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble online.

Ferna resides in East Texas where she manages this online C
hristian encouragement ministry.  
Her strong faith shows in every aspect of her life as she strives to continue to be a source of
encouragement to others for Christ.

This website began with a simple poem,
Letter From Heaven, that she wrote as a tribute to her
mother after she went home to be with the Lord in 1999. After writing that poem, she decided to
create a single web page to share the poem with her brother. He shared that web page with a
dear friend of his who had just lost her father and her response was so heartwarming, Ferna
decided to share it with others who may be going through that same loss.

She says, "I was encouraged to share many of my other poems and stories that I had written after
my parent's deaths, and thus Rainbow Faith began it's growth. I've since referred to this website
many times over as "God's Snowball" for it just continues to grow, not by my work, but by His."

She named this website "Rainbow Faith" because the
Rainbow is a symbol of one of God's many
promises and
Faith is simply the courage to trust in all of His promises. This is best described in
her poem:

"I thank God daily for the many blessings I've received as a result of the website, and for the
many friends I've met along the way. He has never left my side, through all of the sorrow and the
pain, and I pray all of the Glory from this website truly goes to Him. For without the Lord's grace,
strength, and wonderful peace, this place would not exist."  ~ Ferna

Betty Sue Eaton
Associate Author  (2000-2015)

Betty was our Associate Author at Rainbow Faith for 15 years, contributing many heartfelt and
encouraging stories. A woman of amazing grace and diversity, her stories on
Life After Loss came
from a wide range of grief experiences: Her daughter died as a result of a car-pedestrian accident
at age 11; her son died from renal cancer, her grandson died from injuries he received in a
motorcycle accident. Yet, through all of her losses, Betty clung tightly to her faith and the amazing
grace that God bestowed on her.

She wrote in her book,
Listening to the Garden Grow, "Dear Lord, Help me to be ever mindful
of the many ways to share. Whether I am sharing flowers, or vegetables from my garden,
me that the quantity of the gift is less important than the quality of the thought that prompted the
giving. Amen."

Sharing is what she did best. She was accomplished in many ways: gardening, sewing, quilting,
cooking, writing, and crafting stained glass. She generously gave the produ
cts of her work to
many friends and family, leaving a legacy not only of her beautiful creations but of her generous,
giving spirit.

Sadly, we lost Betty after a short,
very brave battle with brain cancer in November, 2015. She will
be greatly missed by many. Her writing continues to be posted here at Rainbow Faith as it was
her h
eartfelt desire that it continue to encourage others, long after her passing. Our thoughts and
prayers continue to be with her family.

Faith -
is the heart
of our business
Rainbow Faith, words of Inspiration, Faith & Hope for the bereaved.
Rainbow Faith
Love one another ~ John 15:12
Pray for one another ~ James 5:15
Encourage one another ~ Hebrews 3:13
Comfort one another ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:18
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Grief Poems
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Rainbow Faith
Love one another
John 15:12

Care for one another
1 Corinthians 12:25

Carry one another's burdens
Galatians 6:2

Comfort one another
1 Thessalonians 4:18

Encourage one another
Hebrews 3:13

Pray for one another
James 5:15
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