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A Life Changing Cup of Coffee
A Living Christmas Gift
A stitch in time mends a broken heart.
All things in God's time ... not ours.
Anger:  At What Price?
At the end of your rope? Be a frayed knot.
Another Grief:  Death of a Marriage
Building On Faith
Carpe Diem!
Chicken or Hot Dogs?
Claiming Our Miracles
Clutter, Clutter Everywhere ...
Father, I am your son.
Finding Shelters In The Storm
Fly Away Home To Jesus
Frosty Lessons
God Don't Make No Coincidences
God is Always There ... Whatever!
God's Gift To You
Grief:  How do you live with it?
Grief Recovery
Happy un-birthday for now and later!
He Saw Jesus' Face
I'm so lost! Where am I?
It's Friday ... It must be Bridge.
Let not your heart be troubled.
Let's Get Focused
Memories are like photographs...
Monsters in dark corners? Don't go there!
Murphy's Law
My, how time flies when you're living!
Next to Prayer, Laughter is the best medicine.
New Year: A Time For Renewal
No Time to Say Goodbye
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep ...
Oh, what will the people say?
Our Grand Reunion
Prayer For Graceful Change
Pre-Spring Cleaning
Put your left foot out and keep on living!
Red Rover, Red Rover, Will Someone Come Over?
Relief For a Broken Heart
Ships That Pass In The Night
Suffer The Children
The Greatest Christmas Gift of All
The Grief of Alzheimer's Disease
The Laws of Grief
There IS Life After Loss
To Paula
Walk this way ... please!
What Comes After Death?
What is Grief?
Why We Live and Breathe
Will there ever be a time ...?
Wiping the Tears From Our Why's
You're Not Walking Alone
This is an alphabetical listing of the grief poems and stories written and posted here by
Associate Author, Betty Sue Eaton. Click on any link to go to that page and to return to this
page, simply click the "Back" button on your browser.

For additional stories, check out
"Life After Loss"  stories of encouragement written by both
Betty Sue Eaton and Ferna Lary Mills.

Sadly, we lost Betty after a short, brave battle with brain cancer in November, 2015. You can
read more about her in our "About Us" page. Betty will be greatly missed by many. Her writing
continues to be posted here at Rainbow Faith as it was her wish that it continue to encourage
others, long after her passing. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her family.
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with our thoughts for the week.
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Bereavement gifts, memorial gifts, sympathy gifts, and grief poems and stories.
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Bereavement gifts, memorial gifts, sympathy gifts, and grief poems and stories.
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