You've witnessed my faith in Jesus
as you've watched me through the years.
And now as I watch while you grieve
there are way too many tears.

Please let there be some tears of Joy
even though I know you grieve,
for now I'm home with my sweet Lord.
It was time for me to leave.

In life we're never quite ready
to say that last "Goodbye",
but if you've ever listened, do it now.
I tell you the truth ~ I did not die!

Oh, I don't need that tired, worn body
for I've changed, like the butterfly.
Bury that worn out caterpillar
and rejoice, for I now can fly!

For Jesus is faithful in His promises
and He promised I would live again
in a mansion He has prepared for me,
more beautiful than you've ever seen.

There is no more sadness or sorrow
in this place where I now reside.
I rejoice in a Heavenly reunion
with other loved ones now close by my side.

Life on earth for me was such a struggle.
Trials and tribulations, I had my share.
It always seemed like an uphill fight
in my struggle to find any peace there.

But now my Joy is made complete
and my Peace, you can't now understand,
as I walk beside the Father
who tenderly holds onto my hand.

My greatest fear while on this earth
and the reason I say these words to you,
is so I can finally rest assured
that one day you'll be coming here, too.

Please don't delay in accepting Christ
who helped me reach my destination.
If you Believe, then I will rest in peace,
awaiting the day of our Grand Celebration!

As long as I just know you're coming,
that your Faith will let you enter Heaven's gate,
then I'll wait here with all the Angels
and rejoice and patiently wait.

Now, as you turn to move on with your life,
step outside and look up into the sky.
Know in your heart that I still love you.
Know in your heart that I did not die!
©  Ferna Lary Mills
I Did Not Die
Do you have the key to Heaven?
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