Dedicated to
Mrs. Emma Pearl Gregory Mack
May 11,1925 ~ January 25,2004
If We Make It Through January

Without you our days have been so empty and long, Our nights almost unbearable.
And the loss we feel is more filled with a void so forceful, at our loss so valuable.
But we know that if we can find the strength to go on it would make you so proud.
For you instilled in us that cowardice would not be allowed.

But, if we can make it through January, the month that we lost you.
We know that this will be one of the hardest tasks,
and the longest walks that we must make it through.
For we are so very used to you walking behind us, picking us up whenever we fell.
For you knew of our pains, and our hearts so well.

If  we can make it through January, the month when God called you home.
The month in which we all must unite as a family and to help each other to be strong.
For, in your dying hour you were stronger than any of us could have ever been,
for it took great strength to hear him call your name.
Strength to overcome your long suffering pain.

Yet, through it all you kept your silence, as if you did not want us to know
that you were about to leave.
For your strength would not cause you to let us grieve.
If we can make it through January, We know that it will be alright.
If we can make it through the day, without crying into the night.

How do we make it through January without you to guide us into the days of our lives?
For it was your influence that allowed us to be strong husbands and wives.
If we can make it through January until the day our lives too will end.
If we can make it to heaven to see you once again.

~ Stephania Mack Brown


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