Dejuan Lamar Adams

Sunrise ~ May 9, 2002
Sunset ~ June 21, 2006
Dejuan Lamar Adams, Jr. (D.J.) was born May 9th 2002, to Sharee Singleton and Dejuan Lamar
Adams Sr. in St. Louis, Missouri.  D.J. loved to go to church.  He was a 4-yr. old member of Memorial
CME Church where he sang in the children's choir and attended Sunday school regularly.  He loved
Jesus with his whole heart. He attended Grace Lutheran Pre-School where he had many friends and
wonderful teachers. D.J. was a very lively and charming young child who touched the hearts of all
who knew him. He loved to play and have big fun. Jumping, running, and climbing were some of his
favorite activities. Most of all he loved to play with motorcycles and cars. He especially loved driving
his little red convertible Corvette.

D.J.'s favorite songs to sing each day were "Get Excited!" and "Jesus Died on Calvary". In the
mornings he would sing "Get Excited, Get Excited, Get Excited to see what God has done!" Later,
though out the day, you would hear him singing his other favorite song "Jesus died on Calvary to
save a wretch like you and me. That's wove, that's wove! They hung him high, they stretched him
wide, he hung his head, for me he died. That's wove. But that's not how the story ends, three short
days he rose again. That's wove, that's wove!"  He pronounced some words that begin with "L" as

D.J. always made excuses to avoid going to sleep at his bedtime, such as I gotta to go to the
bathroom". Or he would beg his Grandma Ann to read his favorite books about  Dinosaurs, Clifford
the Big Red Dog, and animals over and over again.

He was known for having the "coolest" toys in town, and for throwing the best birthday bashes. His
favorite foods were Oatmeal, White Castles (no pickles, no onions), which he loved to order through
the drive-thru window, and birthday cake with lots of icing. D.J. loved his mom and his Dad, his
Grandma Ann and his Papa Carl and Tee-Tee Adrienne dearly. Everyone who knew him personally
or in passing always had a story to tell about their experience with D.J.  He always shared his love
with everyone and was truly a blessing sent from God.

He leaves to celebrate his life and cherish his memory, his loving and devoted mother Sharee
Singleton; his father Dejuan Lamar Adams, Sr.; two brothers, Lyndon Adams and Braxton Adams; two
sisters, Brittanee Adams and Aliyah Adams; his wonderful grandparents, Angela and Carl Fox; his
grandparent, Sharon Adams (Robert Adams, who preceded him in death); his great-grandmother,
Guster Singleton; two aunts, Adrienne Ray and Shavette Clinton;  two uncles, Erick Adams and Larry
Johnson; his cousin and best friend, Deaven E.S. Crigler; and a host of aunts ,uncles, cousins,
friends and countless other who loved him dearly.
"Daddy's Little Man"
I love you and will always miss you.

Your Daddy
I will miss you and
always love you
My Umpee Lumpee
Lovee Boobee Dobee.
Mommy's Little Man

Your Mommy
Sweet Little Man

(Written for D.J. by Tracy)

From the very first moment you opened your eyes,
Each of us knew God had sent a miracle
... so loving and wise.
Your big brown eyes showed a beautiful soul,
So loving and sweet we will never let go.

This sweet little man taught so many so much,
About life, laughter, love ... and the wonders of
His heart is so big for such a young gentle soul,
His loss, on his loved ones is taking its toll.

This sweet little man was taken before he grew old,
But his loving memories will never grow cold.
So remember always while shedding your tears,
He is safely in your hearts for all of your years.
The Heaven's were kind
for the time they let me have
my grandson D.J.
Then one day the angels took you from me.
I guess this is the way God wanted it to be.
He gave you to Grandma but
now she had to let you go.
My heart ached. My stomach turned.
Inside the anger burns.
Our time together was short.
I will always hold you close in my heart.
I love you my sweet D.J.
I love you my angel.

Your Grandmother,


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