Beloved Mother
Gladys Marie Johnson Barnes
August 16, 1922 ~ September 15, 1994

Dear Sister
Gloria Mae Barnes Corcoran
April 26, 1948 ~ June 28, 2010
Twas beyond the moon and stars
that I saw her go,
To an unimagined, better place
than here below.
Far, far above this world’s trouble,
for her it’s past,
Where mercy always abounds,
and tears are dried at last.  

On a very swift white horse with wings,
she took her flight,
And entered thru those gates like pearl
to the Savior’s light.
Then the angel in charge brought her there
to Jesus’ feet,
To make her well and whole,
to rise and take her seat.

There’s where I believe with joy,
of course with glory too,
She sings, shouts and dances now
to the victory tune,
In the awesome presence,
of the very essence of grace,
Gladly shouting aloud
with eternal, happy praise.
White Horse Flight

In loving memory of Glad and Glory
By Gaye Marie Moore
I love the way Dad always so sweetly called
her Glory. Because along with an ability to
extend forgiveness and grace, she always
brought a joy to the party, and celebrations….

Her smile and sweet spirit have left their mark.
Even in spite of adversity, they were an
amazing wonder and she truly lived up to her

Glory is the Latin word for Gloria, meaning;
magnificence, splendor, beauty, wonder,
grandeur, brilliance, credit and fame. ~ In my
book… yah, "she’s all that."  Like a diamond
with her own style and grace, and to achieve
such attributes as these, isn’t easy, but
ultimately, glory….

A diamond has been under extreme heat and
pressure - in the rough. Before it’s true value
is fully recognized, careful cuts are necessary
requiring someone highly skilled and capable
of eventually achieving the desired light
reflecting facets that sparkle with beautiful

Gloria, endured trials alright; with faith,
courage, and tenacity, and was ultimately
skillfully cut and polished, by the Master’s
Tribute to my Sister,
Gloria Corcoran
~  My Sister and I  ~
Gloria (left) and Gaye  (right)


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