Jacob Norman Lane
June 11, 2009 ~ September 30, 2009
Jacob was a special blessing from God, even though He left us so soon the joy He brought us
will remain forever. It is so hard to say goodbye to someone we loved so much. But this day we
say goodbye to your body...as we place your spirit in the Hands of your Creator. May your soul
find the peace it deserves and may your innocence on Earth speak for you on Judgment Day.
God Bless you sweet child until we hold you in our arms again.

With unmeasurable Love,
Mommy & Daddy
It's so very hard to understand
why one so small was taken,
leaving a Mom and Dad behind
with hearts so badly aching.

There are so many things in life
that no one really understands.
But the child you hold in your heart,
God now holds in His hands.

Cared for and nurtured by the Father,
he will grow and mature in His love,
while angels guide and protect him
in his Heavenly home up above.

They will tell him he was so special
to you both, in every way ~
as they spend countless hours preparing
for your reunion One Grand Day!

They will take him to the edges of Heaven
and let him look, often, down below
to see the Mom and Dad down here
that he didn't get much time to know.

So as you gaze up into the sky,
know he’s now in a Glorious place,
and maybe he's looking back to you ~
searching for a smile upon your face.

For I'm certain that in his little heart
it grieves him to see you so sad,
for he knows he has the very best ~
The world's greatest Mom and Dad!
Your Little Angel
© Ferna Lary Mills
(Posted here with author's permission.)


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