Amanda Johnson Middleton
August 3, 1980 ~ June 3, 2008
                                   Our Butterfly Angel

So beautiful that's what you are. Your stay was short our pain is great. Those angel blue
eyes, heart of hearts, lots of lives were saved, before and after your death. Every time I
see a beautiful butterfly, I'll be reminded of the perfect portrait and forever your memory
will be, our butterfly angel.

Not one minute passes without her on our minds. She was bright, intelligent, sweet and
very loving. Her beautiful face will never fade, her bright soul will light our way. We will
constantly think of her great and kind deeds. She was patient yet stubborn and very
determined. She wasn't perfect, she made mistakes and had her faults as we all do, but
had a heart trimmed of precious gold, yet tender for such a gentle spirit.

God gives everyone a talent; Amanda had many, her biggest talent was giving. Amanda
was a caring daughter, dedicated wife, loving mother, and greatest friend. She was also
one of the bravest people I have ever known. She met the man of her dreams, had a
beautiful family, true love she greeted with open arms.
She took karate, she played in the Mauldin High
School band. She loved swimming with her family and
friends. She loved, she laughed, she joked, she gave.
She was an ER nurse. In death she gave some more.
People she never met she gave them a brand new
start, a brand new life; she filled their lives with hopes
and dreams. My only hope is that she gave their
family a profound outlook on life.

Spiritually, she was a baptist in faith, she was hooked,
on fire, she tried so hard to witness to so many
teenagers in high school. If only she knew how much
of herself she truly gave. Our after school bible study
times, I'm not sure who was helping who understand
the bible and Christianity more ~ "me or her".
As I think back on those days, I now know we were both meant to be the other ones
teacher, and what we didn't understand, no problem. She had us covered; she would ask
her Sunday school teacher.

Amanda had dreams and goals left unfinished. Her three young and very beautiful girls
were left without their mother. Her life was taken in a blink of an eye on June 3, 2008.
She taught us to live life to the fullest and never to give up on our goals and dreams.
What a blessing she was, such a hero to many in her own special way.

Our greatest comfort in Amanda's passing is knowing that this isn't the end, we'll
all meet again someday. We carry her heart with us deep within our hearts, where we
go, she'll go also. We all miss her dearly and we're all so very proud to call
her our butterfly angel!
We'll see each other again,
until that day rest in peace!
Susan Smith


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