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In Loving Memory Of
Dandy Dawg O'Fallon
July 7, 1994 to January 7, 2007
We are saddened that our beloved little Fallon passed away due to complications caused by
her liver disease. We buried her next to Max at our Holcomb Hill house. She was a great little
lap dog, always with us as we travelled around the country. We had 12-1/2 years of joy with
her but the memories and warm feelings she gave us will last our lifetime.

Mommy and Daddy will miss her very much.
Michele and Wayne
In Loving Memory Of
Maximillian Von Shiloh
Laid to Rest ~ November 25, 2004
Max was a pack animal. He couldn't stand to be alone.  If I was working in the yard, I could let
him run loose because he wouldn't get too far away. If I left him in the house while I was
outside, he would howl his fool head off. Max was very unique. He was so laid back, except
when I would first come home. He would run around and howl like he hadn't seen me for
ages...even if it was only for an hour. Max loved us with all his heart, he gave it everything he
had. Someone once said that if you want to be a good person, just try to be the person your
dog thinks that you are.

Max was my best friend. He was my "little buddy", and I miss him terribly.
Lucy In Loving Memory Of
Miss Lucy
Gone from our home, but not from our heart.
Miss Lucy was rescued from a shelter as a small pup and grew to be a royal member of our
family. She seemed to know what we were thinking before words were ever spoken. She
"tolerated" the cat when we brought "Miss Kitty" into our home, but never made a fuss. Her way
of showing disapproval was when she went to "her room" and curled up in her kennel to enjoy
the solitude.  She had a pointer's stance, a gentle gait, and a  puppy's playfulness. Above all
else, I think she believed she was part human with a royal lineage. She gave us many laughs
and enough wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

We miss you, Lucy.
The Mills Family

In Loving Memory Of
Mr. Fritz Von O'Dell
Returned to the fields of Heaven to run free
on December 23, 2009
after 12 years of love and loyalty.
In the Beginning ~
Fritz came into our lives via the Houston SPCA. We had lost another of our dogs so we took
Ashleigh to the SPCA and let her pick out our new companion.  We made it to one cage, she
saw Fritz and said, "That's the one I want; he looks like Benji", whom we had just lost.  So Fritz
came home with us.  We estimate that he was already 1 to 2 years old when we got him.

In the Middle ~
Fritz loved to be loved, which he had in abundance.  His only fear, thunder and going outside
at night.  He had been attacked by a neighbors dog at night when we moved to our new place
in Montgomery, so I think night time reminded him of that.  He loved running all over the yard
with Mike when he started his 4 wheeler, Fritz was right there running.  He also loved it when I
took him to the groomer.  We would have him shaved and he'd come home looking like a brand
new dog (this picture is after a shave) and would run to all of our other dogs as if to say, "Look
at me, look at me, I'm handsome."

In the End ~
At being at least 12 years old, as with every animal or person, age creeps up on you along with
other unexpected things.  We knew that Fritz was going blind, this we could see, and we'd
have to watch him outside at night so he'd come back in.  I believe he was following sounds by
now.  Well, long story short, around October,'09 I noticed a small growth on his bottom jawline,
I just thought it might be an infection from something getting between his teeth.  Bad new came
fast.  Our visit to the vet wasn't a comforting one.  "Fritz has cancer of the jaw" is all I kept
hearing.....we were sent home with meds and a wait and see.  November, '09 met with another
trip to the vet, the growth had almost tripled in size and it was now interfering with his chewing
ability.  He'd bite down on the growth, it would bleed, profusely I might add, and we'd be up
putting pressure packs on his mouth.

Now the decision had to be made, we knew it was the right one, and by all means, I think Fritz
knew also.  Vet visit, early December, '09 only brought more bad news.  Fritz was suffering
from an advanced heart murmur & loss of bladder control. Decision made.  

Fritz went to be with his fellow yard/house friends on December 23, 2009. He now resides with
Benji, Jett, Bear, Vader, Nala, Hades and is survived by his parents, Mike & Diane, sister
Ashleigh, and brothers, Middy, Kodi, Cesar, Sparky, Ares, Zeus and kitty buddies Simba, Blu,
Jasper & Caleb.

Fritz, you are in our hearts forever, and we miss you terribly.
Mommy & Daddy
In Loving Memory Of
My Best Friend and Companion


Passed on to a new adventure
April 26, 2010.
Newt was special because he was my best friend and companion. He was an extremely
intelligent fella with just the right amount of silliness. Newt also was the quirkiest Border Collie I
have ever met. He stalked the ceiling lights in our house and the light post next to the
driveway. He carried this unique behavior with him to training class, where he had been known
to break his stays to stalk the ceiling lights in the building. It was impossible to be miffed after
watching him creep across the floor to stand and stare at any available light.

Newt was very sensitive to our families moods. He responded with compassion even if you
were just emotional from watching a touching movie. My Mom (Newt's "Gam'ma"), now
deceased, relayed such an incident to me about Newt noticing she was upset, and how he had
come over given her a kiss and laid his head on her leg. She had also mentioned how Newt
was there when you need a listening ear or two. He empathized as if to say "I know what you
going through and its OK to feel that way."

Newt turned into a wonderful surrogate father for our now 12 yr. old Border Collie, Kelley. It
was touch and go at first, but once Newt decided Kelley was staying he personally took over
for her care at 7 weeks. Newt and Kelley were great pals playing for hours without any

Besides, looking out for Kelley, Newt was very protective of his human family and their
property. He alerted us if anyone suspicious was near our yard. I felt secure traveling with
Newt as he didn't tolerate strangers near me or my car. Someone once remarked to me that
Newt has a ten foot circle around me that he believed no one else should enter without
permission. Newt was an excellent traveling companion, and he kept our family secure.

Newt meant a great deal to me. He was the first dog I completely trained myself in obedience,
agility and herding. Training Newt was been a challenge due to his intelligence level combined
with a very short attention span. I  recognized the importance of tailoring the training theory to
the dog to optimize learning because of Newt. He taught me patience and made me feel guilty
when I neglected it. Life with Newt has been an adventure as we tackled herding lessons each
week. He was never  a top trial dog as far as Border Collie standards go, but that didn't matter.
I was been able to put several herding titles on him through AHBA and AKC. Newt earned one
HIT when going for his first HS (Herding Started Course A) leg. We also NQ'd as well because
of handler error, but Newt didn't care. He always loved me no matter what.

Newt passed away April 26th, 2010 of a brain tumor.

Michelle Worley
In Loving Memory Of
Casey Carlson
who passed away on August 19, 2010
at the age of 22 years old.
Casey was more than just a pet to me.  He was with me through many good times but also bad
times.  He always seemed to know when I needed some of his loving.  I had cats before Casey,
while growing up at home with my parents, but none were as "perfect" as Casey. I kept him in
my life as long as I possibly could. The day he quit eating, I had to make the awful decision to
let him go.  I could tell it was time, just by the look on his face.  I decided I couldn't be stubborn
and keep him around just because I didn't want to be without him.  It was one of the hardest
days of my life.

Casey, Elliot (his companion, my other cat)  misses you every day, too.  He has not been the
same since you left!  I take the clip of your hair out occasionally and Elliot smells you and rubs
up against it and rolls over.  He knows it's you.

Your ashes, the clip of hair, your photo, and the paw print are all in my china cabinet for
everyone to see.  I will meet up with you again some day.

Casey, you are always in my heart.  I love and miss you more and more every day.
In Loving Memory Of
Boomer Blankenbeker
July 12, 1999 ~ June 28, 2012
My mother bought Boomer at the pet shop down the street from where we live. He was the
only Shiba Inu sitting way at the top of the shelf in a cage who was not chosen to get a home
out of the litter of many puppies. He was four months old when we got him. Boomer brought
much joy to our family and we have many fond memories of him especially when he would turn
upside down on his back and roll around on the floor. We would call him the upside down dog.
He would cry every night at 6:00 pm for his milk bones like clock work. He understood
everything we said, especially when he heard the words: let's eat.

Boomer had many unique qualities about him that we will always remember. He was not only
our protector, he was our friend. Our precious dog had to have three eye surgeries because he
developed glaucoma first in his right eye which caused him to go blind. He had to have this eye
removed. He began to go blind in his left eye that led to two more surgeries. Eventually he lost
more of his sight until he could only see shadows.

Recently, my mother took Boomer for his regular eye pressure check at the animal hospital and
the doctor took an ultra sound because Boomer was crying as if he was in some kind of pain.
When the doctor came back with the results she said Boomer had cancer of the spleen and
had to be put to sleep right way because it was an aggressive cancer and he would die in a
couple of months. No matter what Boomer went through he had a strong constitution and he is
very loved by us and all of the family members. We miss you and the memories of you we will
cherish forever.

Boomer leaves behind his brother Tiger our tabby cat. We love you Boomer! You will never be
forgotten. No one else wanted you but you were special to us in many different ways bringing
joy to us each and every day.

Your loving family.


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