Rev. Harold D. Ray
February 10, 1943 ~ August 6, 2007
In Memory of My Father

Rev. Harold D. Ray was born on February
10, 1943 and went to be with his loving
Savior on August 6, 2007.

My Dad was devoted to his family and to the
church he pastored for nearly 35 years.
Christmas time was his favorite time of year.
He would call each of the four children in the
morning and would wish each a hearty
"Merry Christmas!".

We would all gather at Mom and Dad's place
for Christmas dinner and open presents and
just enjoy each others company. My Dad was
a wonderful man and he is missed greatly.
This is our second Christmas without him but
I know he is with us always in our hearts and

I am so thankful for the time we had to share
together and look forward one day to seeing
my father again where there is no more death
or pain.

"Merry Christmas" Dad.

Your son,
II Timothy 4:7-8
In Memory of My Husband

He pastored 37 years, loved people, helping
them when he could. He also worked a full time
job, which was not an easy task.

It doesn't seem possible that he is gone, taken
so quickly from us. This past year has been very
difficult for myself and my family, but our faith in
God has sustained us. During this holiday
season is hard also, as my husband and I always
had Christmas at our home. Family always
gathered for dinner and of laughing and fun.

These memories cannot be taken from us they
remain in our hearts and we can recall them at a
time when we are at a low point. We have to pick
up the pieces and continue on for I know that is
what he would want us to do.

He was a man of faith and had many friends.

Sharon Ray
                        In Memory of My Father

I miss my Father dearly. He was a Great Father and a Man of Strong Faith in the
Lord. I miss you Dad, your calls to me, your prayers for me and most of all your
laugh and smile. We still don't understand why you had to go so soon from us. I
know Dad that you are in a better place now. I really do miss you and when I think
of you it always bring tears to my eyes. Dad, you will never be forgotten, your love
for our Family and People and most of all the Lord.

                                                  LOVE YOU Dad,
                                                   Your Daughter,
                                                 Christina and Keith


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