The Littlest Angel
© 2001, Ferna Lary Mills
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I’m only a small child, not much do I know.
God holds onto my hand as I look down below.
I’m here with the Father in the most beautiful place
yet I can’t feel much joy when I see your sad face.

Your heart has been broken, I can see from up here
as you struggle along and you wipe every tear.
If I only had words I could send you today
that would tell you I’m home and I’m really okay.

Heaven is beautiful with sparkles and white wings,
and the angels are teaching me so many things.
I’ll grow and mature in this Heavenly land
while holding on tightly to my Father’s soft hand.

Then one day you’ll join me in this home in the skies.
Our joy will be full with no more goodbye’s.
So don’t grieve for me now; find peace in your soul,
and know God has finally made your little one whole.

Now, even if you can’t seem to understand why,
please know in your heart that our love didn't die.
He tells me that just for a time we must wait
and then I can meet you at Heaven’s front gate!
Special thanks to Crystal Begin
Vivid Crystal Wood Signs
for the absolutely beautiful
memorial plaque she created
using her artistic talents along
with this poem in memory of
Caylee Marie Anthony.
Transformed by Tears...
Written as a special tribute to
Dylan James Groene
Posted here with author's permission.

The ashes of an innocent boy
Scattered in a culvert,
Surrounded by a copse of trees...
No one there to protect what's left...

Life cut short by an act of demons,
Driven in an abusive murderer
Masquerading as a man possessed...
The man hurt him... and hurt him...
Until he could feel no more pain...

Abandoned and alone...
No one to notice as his soul's footsteps
Silently walked away...
soul never looking back...
No one to see the Savior in white
Gather him in his arms and weep...
Tears for what the little boy had endured...
His fears...and...
Who Dylan would never be...

Dylan can grow no more... never to be the
Star of his school's soccer team...
The one to score the winning goal...
The lover of his special girl...
The father of his kids that could have been...
His dreams are all ashes in that culvert
in the copse of trees...

His soul walked away and the
Savior in White enveloped him in His Love...
The boy smiled, then laughed,
As he felt his Savior's tears
Obliterate the man's face forever...
Wash the bad memories away...
Disperse the pain like vapor...
To create Dylan anew...

Now clothed in a cloak of pure white...
The being he was never allowed to become...
Who now plays ball on his Savior's team...
A child angel for all eternity...
Transformed by the tears of his Savior in white...
I didn't place the distance
between Jupiter and Mars.
I didn't time the seasons, or
position all the stars.

I didn't form the bonds
between the moon and the tide.
Nor do I know just how a
bright sun, mere clouds can hide.

I had no part in Creation
of beasts and plants, or man.
I have no special knowledge
of each detail of God's plan.

For I am not the Creator
of all things seen and unseen.
Certainly it's not meant for me
to understand what all things mean.

My task is really simple.
My job is to simply trust
in the Creator who created me
and formed me from the dust.

For He has all the answers.
He's completely in control.
I trust Him with my life.
I trust Him with all my soul.

When my trials on earth are over
and He comes to take my hand,
I believe with all my heart
I will completely understand.
©  Ferna Lary Mills
Posted here with author's permission
(To add your special tribute, send it to us in an email  with "Special Tribute" in the subject line.)
You were a kind, loving and generous child who
was taken from us much too soon. Your life and
death has touched more people around this world
than you could have possibly ever imagined. You
live on in the hearts and spirits of each of us that
have been impacted by you and your story.
Rest in peace with
our Lord and Savior.
        The 23rd Psalm

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He
maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he
leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my
soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no
evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they
comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in
the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my
head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall
follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of
the LORD for ever.
Senseless Tragedy
Remembering the Littlest Angels
Your life, though shamelessly
short, has touched so many
others. Eyes have been opened,
hearts have been softened, lives
have been changed. May God
hold you in His loving arms.
Add a memorial tribute
or a poem you have written
in memory of one of the
Littlest Angels
lost to senseless tragedy.

Send us an
email with "tribute"
in the subject line.
With media coverage of many of the littlest angels being so intense, their plight is brought into
the homes and lives of millions, who day by day grieve the loss of these children almost as if
they were their own. Upon request, we have created this "Special Tribute" section as a place of
healing for the many who want to voice their condolences and express their grief. Although
these children are not their own, their life and their death have greatly touched many hearts.
View all of the children's names on the
Memorial Wall
Disclaimer: It is not our intent to cause harm or additional pain to the families of these children. Our mission is simply
to provide a place of healing, for the many people whose lives have been affected by the life and death of these
children. If at any time you believe any information printed here is in error, please bring it to our attention for
correction. If you are a direct family member and feel that  the information presented here is causing you additional
grief, please let us know and it will be removed. Our intent is not to cause any additional pain. The sole mission of
Rainbow Faith is to encourage the bereaved, whether they are family members or not. With all of the media hype, one
does not have to be a direct family member to be bereaved over the death of one of these little angels. This section of
our web site has been created solely to give those "non family members" a place to express their condolences and
their grief.

Our deepest sympathy to the family members and to those others who are saddened, as we are, by the loss of these
children to senseless tragedy.


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