George Patrick Webb
May 17, 1929 ~ January 28, 1999
Candles placed here by the Webb family (Edith, Patricia, John, Sherry & Brian )
Our Hearts Are With You Dad

Our thoughts pass through our minds
There is much we would like to say
But most of all the important thing
You found the ONE who is THE WAY.
Life here you truly desired
But GOD chose the best for you
He waited till you could see the Light
Then HE gently carried you through.
The times we had were special
We often reminisced
You liked to talk about your work
And some friends who were the best.
We knew you loved to hunt and fish
You talked of that a lot
You told us many stories
Of ALL the fish and deer you got !!!
Growing up we wanted
To share our love with you
We're thankful for the memories
And the times we spent with you.
Lying in the hospital
Or on your bed here at home
Your family was always with you
You never were alone.
We knew you wanted to be home
But a burden you thought you might be
We're thankful that we spent this time
That brought us closer as a family.
For you tried your very best
To be a special Dad
Your heart went out
You were so concerned
For your daughters and your young lads.
You were so very proud,
of each and every one
We sat and watched as you thought
There is more you wished you could have done.
You've done your very best, Dear Dad
Now you have gone to be with the SON
Where there is much joy, peace and rest
Thank GOD that you were blessed.

Today we want to say to you
Our hearts are with you Dad.
We love you and we will miss you
To us you were a very special Dad.

Written by
Patricia Webb-Lounsbury

God in his mercy looked down to earth Thursday morn
And waited, oh, so patiently, for my Dad to be reborn
Dad was told the Message , Christ says, "Come unto me."
And when he did just that, our hearts were filled with glee
God only knows the moment when a new life will begin
He will remove the sin; then He can enter in
Dad now is with the Savior who has given his life for him
Praise God, we have that hope we'll see our
loved one, DAD, once again.

Written by
Patricia Webb-Lounsbury
Dad was a special part of my life. He got
cancer and needed to have someone care
for him. I opened my home and my heart to
him and cared for him at home and loved
every minute I spent with him before the Lord
called him home at the age of 69. I miss him,
love him and can't wait to see him again.

~ Patricia Webb-Lounsbury
Cross placed here by Patricia and God's amazing grace.
Sometimes, we get to witness a Miracle.

In a final conversation with our Pastor, Dad accepted
the Lord Jesus Christ. He was saved by God's
amazing grace about 20 minutes before he left us
and went into eternity.  
Flowers left by wife, Lillian Webb.

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Candles placed here by the Webb family (Edith, Patricia, John, Sherry & Brian )