Sometimes, simplicity says it best. This is my simplest version of the true
Christmas story.

God roamed the face of the earth and saw that all was not good.
He looked upon the face of man and saw that man was grieved.
God wept.

God loves man, more than man is capable of loving God.
More than man is capable of loving. Period. For God IS love.
God saw the despair and the grief in man's eyes and it made God's heart ache.

God decided to prove how much he loved man, with a gift.
Only, it absolutely HAD to be THE PERFECT gift.
Nothing short of perfect would show man just how perfectly God loves him.

God roamed the face of the earth, from top to bottom, both inside and out.
He found not one gift that was perfect to give to man.

So, God searched the entire universe from one end to the other.
He searched both inside and out, examining every twinkling thing.
Still, he found not one gift that was perfect to give to man.

Finally, God decided he must search Heaven, where everything is perfect.
There, he saw Jesus, and he knew he had found the perfect gift for man.

On Christmas morning, he presented Jesus to man.

With Jesus' birth, man would find love.
From Jesus' ministry on earth, man would find God.
By Jesus' death on the cross, man would find eternal life.
By man's acceptance of this gift, man would find salvation.

God is good.

No greater gift has ever been given.
No greater gift can ever be received.
This gift is yours.

It's a simple story, and all you have to do, is simply trust Him.

May you find peace in the true meaning of Christmas, even in your grief. When
your heart is in despair and your world has been turned upside down,
remember that God turned the Heaven's upside down for you.

     ~Merry Christmas ~
A Christmas Story
by Ferna Lary Mills


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