It's a New Year, and for the grieving, it's also a new life, one without that special someone
actively participating in it any longer. Grief is tough. I admit, that's a great understatement. Grief
is probably the toughest thing you will ever have to go through in your entire life.

So, how can you have a "Happy New Life" if you're grieving?

The first definition of the word "happy" in Webster's Dictionary, is FORTUNATE.

Fortunately, there will come a time when your grief will abate to a tolerable level that you can
live with. At some point your path in this thing called grief will allow you to tread back through
your memories and rediscover your joy. You have some wonderful memories of your time spent
with your loved one. Cherish them and know that you will find joy again. God promises.

Fortunately, Love is forever. Although your loved one is gone, that love never dies.  Death
may take the body, but the Spirit and the Love that resides within it, lives forever. God promises.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through your grief alone. You don't have to reach very far
to touch the hand of God who is so very close to you. He is only a breath away, waiting for you
to seek Him. When you reach out to Him, you will find strength, comfort, and a Peace that goes
beyond all human understanding. He is with you always. He promises.

Fortunately, for those who believe and trust in Christ, there will be a grand reunion one day in
our new Heavenly home, where there will be only Joy, and God will wipe away every tear. God

Fortunately, there is a reason why you are still here. Maybe only God knows that reason.
Spend some time in prayer asking Him to show you that reason. For, whatever the reason,
someone is so very fortunate that you are still here. Maybe it's a word you say that eases their
aching heart. Maybe it's your inner strength that gives them strength. Maybe it's watching your
courage that gives them courage. Maybe it's your faith that encourages their faith.

Yes, you can be "fortunate" in your new life, even in your grief. You can have a Happy New
Life, albeit a different one than the one you had before your loss. Actively seek those quiet
moments when God speaks to your heart, those special moments when friends warm your
heart, and the precious moments when you find that special Peace. Those moments are out
there, but you must seek them.

May you draw close to Him and may He comfort you and bring you Peace as you enter into this
New Year and your new life.
Happy New Life ... Really
© Ferna Lary Mills


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