According to Gods holy word, He has dominion over all things in heaven and earth ~ even
broken hearts!  I can attest to that fact, including the broken heart. And miracles: Every day
He sends us a miracle but we don't always recognize the gift for what it is. Let me explain.

At age eleven, my youngest child, my baby was struck and killed by a car driven by a
seventeen-year old boy hurrying to his football Homecoming banquet. It was dusk and all he
saw was an animal darting into his path; which he dodged to avoid and struck my daughter
standing on the road shoulder waiting for him to pass. The animal was her best friend's dog
running across to greet the two girls coming home after an hour of skating on the local tennis
court. Paula died instantly of a broken neck. I was devastated and my grief totally consumed
me at that moment and in the days that followed.

I must admit that my grief was totally selfish as well as I could not function either as a wife to
my husband or as a mother to my other two teenage children. My physical body began a
massive rebellion. At first, it began rejecting food. I could not keep food down and began
losing weight alarmingly. Then my equilibrium left me holding on the walls to go from room to
room, even to get out of bed. My doctor prescribed tranquilizers hoping that they would allow
my body to heal itself, but to no avail. My downward spiral continued as a lymph gland in my
jaw began swelling. After weeks of agony from grieving and confusion wracking my body, I
came to the point that the swollen gland was strangling me. I could not sleep, eat, keep my
house, or even attend to my family's everyday needs of me as wife and mother.

All through the night I tossed and cried exhorting God to take the pain away from my heart and
body, but it seemed He was not listening to me. One morning I was desperate and swore at
Him telling Him to either let me die or get me out of the bed and let me live as I should for my
family! That morning, the doctor was going to try lancing the swollen gland in my neck to
relieve the choking and pain. I felt that I could not go on another day, but after two hours, I fell
into an exhausted sleep for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. When I awoke, my
breathing was normal; the swelling in my throat was going away, and it became clear to me
that something had happened during that deep sleep I had just experienced.

It became clear to me that I could not just will myself to die and that I would not have to
undergo surgery for the swollen gland. It also became very clear to me that God had indeed
heard my pleading and had given me a miracle of recovery. I could not believe that in only two
short hours, my health was being restored as I had fervently prayed. From that day on, I
vowed to claim my miracle and never go back to the feeling of defeat my child's death had
brought to me. My recovery was steady and before a month had passed, I had gone back to
my job as a Kelly Girl and was looking forward to going to work again. It was like a breath of
fresh spring air after being closed in a room full of darkness for too long.

I will not tell you that from that day forward, I never felt the wrenching grief of losing a child, or
that everything went smoothly in my family, for it didn't. But I will tell you that my attitude
changed that morning to one of gratefulness for God's mercy, first that He took my Paula
home without letting her suffer long pain, and second, that He heard the ranting of a
distraught mother who was devastated and confused, but struggling to regain some
semblance of sanity. As a devout Christian, I can attest to the fact that my recovery was
Divine, not medical and that God indeed heard my pleadings and gave me a miracle.

Everyday, we are given miracles, but everyday, we also ignore them though not intentionally.
We just do not recognize them. Miracles do not necessarily come with blinding flashes of
lightning or earth-shaking tremors. They come as small urgings from our subconscious minds;
as a fleeting thought that comes and goes as a "what if" that we just let go by without acting
on it.  If we believe that Christ died for us and that He dwells within us, why can we not believe
that these small urgings or thoughts are placed by Him as directives for us to act upon? God
made us in His likeness for His purpose. Why then can we not believe that He talks to us
through our hearts and minds unbidden, like a Father advising His child?

I DO believe that is true and that when He pricks my conscience or sends me a little nagging
voice to act or receive, I will try with all my might to heed His wisdom and receive the miracle
He is trying to give to me. And even though we all will grieve a loved one who is called home
to heaven, none of us have to grieve alone. God is there through His son, Jesus Christ, for us
all who believe in Him. Trust in that! He promised!

May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior be with you.
Claiming Our Miracles
© Betty Sue Eaton


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