Fly Away Home to Jesus
© Betty Sue Eaton
"As he drew nearer and nearer to his last breath, I waited with tears flowing down my face and
my heart aching along with my head. I urged him to let go and go with the light, go toward
Jesus. When he became quiet and no further breaths came struggling from his throat, I
wanted to rush outside, run up the stairs to the rooftop to watch his soul ascend to Heaven.
I'm sure it did. He was that devout, that sanctified."

I could only imagine it though. This is like a scene played out in some Gothic romance novel
with the heroine watching the hero slowly fade away leaving her destitute with grief. But death
is not like a romance novel. It does leave those surviving destitute and shaken to their very
foundations with grief. Death is all too frequent, all too selective, all too random, all too very,
very final. Death is for keeps! When it does come, we are always unprepared for the ache that
comes along with it. We wonder if we were able to say all the things needed saying in the few
days, months, years, before our loved one is gone forever out of our sight.

Death wears many faces: It can come without a single hint it was on the way. It can happen
after agonizing months battling a dread disease. It can come after we feel that quiver in the pit
of our stomachs when a child calls and says he is going to be a little late coming home for the
school party. Or when we haven't heard from a husband overseas on the battlefront at the
regular time and just know the next voice will be that of some representative of the service in
which he was member. Death is no respecter of persons, place, or time. Death is God's call for
the life of our loved one. He alone plans out every single life for His children. He only knows
when the time to go home to be with Him in heaven is appointed and fulfilled. He alone can
ease our suffering.

No matter how the death occurred, it is a tragedy for us. Be the lost one husband, child,
sibling, parent, grandparent, friend, it doesn't matter. We invested affection and caring in that
loved one and now they are gone! Change has happened and it cannot be un-changed, back
to where it was before. We simply must go on without them. Hard? The hardest! Nothing could
be harder to do. Daily we think of him who is not at his usual place in our lives. At the slightest
activity, we miss her who always brightened our days. Nightly we miss that husband who
comforted us and made the world safe for us, that sparkling child who amused us with such
great promise.

Many of you who are reading this are suffering the loss of someone intimately close to you,
and you are experiencing the depths of aching, confusion, anger, depression, desperation. I
know because I have been where you are and my heart breaks for you. Your sadness is
overwhelming to me because I know how it feels. But I also know that the only place a
Christian can go for release from all of this pain is to their knees to ask God to intercede for
them, to take away the pain and all the confusion in their lives now. There is nothing else you
will ever experience in your life to equal the trauma of losing someone very dear to you, on
whom you depend ever day to be with you, to support you and face every day with you at your

God knows all of this and He is there to bear your pain for you if you turn it all over to Him in
prayer. He is waiting for you to ask, to rely on Him to fulfill His promise to us that He would be
our confessor, our comfort, and our salvation. He is totally in charge of all aspects of our lives.

God said, "All ye who labor and are heavy laden, come unto Me and I will give you rest.". He
didn't say those words carelessly; He meant them and there is no one else in the entire
universe Who can do that. He created us for His pleasure and He is troubled when we are
sad. He loved us so much, He came to earth in human form in the body of His only son, Jesus
Christ, who suffered, died and was resurrected for our sins and for our salvation. But it didn't
end there. He said He would be with us "even unto the ends of the earth" to heal and comfort
us. He said we would meet our loved ones again in Paradise with Him in the great City of Gold
He prepared for us.  How great is His promise!

All we must do is call out to Him and He will be there for us in the death of our loved one,
whomever they may be. Always rely on Him for solace in the face of unknown terrors of living
without the one we loved. He is all sufficient to our needs no matter how great they may be.
He will comfort you and bring you peace that passes all human understanding.

He promised He would always be there for us, and He never makes promises He will not, nor
cannot keep. And He never goes back on His word.

May God be with you and grant you peace and solace in your grief.


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