The Littlest Angel
© 2001, Ferna Lary Mills
I’m only a small child, not much do I know.
God holds onto my hand as I look down below.
I’m here with the Father in the most beautiful place
yet I can’t feel much joy when I see your sad face.

Your heart has been broken, I can see from up here
as you struggle along and you wipe every tear.
If I only had words I could send you today
that would tell you I’m home and I’m really okay.

Heaven is beautiful with sparkles and white wings,
and the angels are teaching me so many things.
I’ll grow and mature in this Heavenly land
while holding on tightly to my Father’s soft hand.

Then one day you’ll join me in this home in the skies.
Our joy will be full with no more goodbye’s.
So don’t grieve for me now but find peace in your soul,
and know God has finally made your little one whole.

Now, even if you can’t seem to understand why,
please know in your heart that our love didn’t die.
He tells me that just for a time we must wait
and then I can meet you at Heaven’s front gate!
Author's Note:  This poem has been circulating the Internet and numerous blogs as
Caylee's Poem" as a tribute to Caylee Marie Anthony and written by "Ferna Lary".  
It was also reportedly also read at her Memorial Service.

Please note:
This poem was not originally written for Caylee. It was written in 2001 as a tribute to
a child who died unexpectedly at the age of two in England. This poem was also
published in my book, "
The Rainbow, Words of Inspiration, Faith and Hope". The
poem has been used in many memorials and
Internet "tributes", and it was read
during the memorial service for
Nevaeh Gallegos in Denver, Colorado in 2007.

To those who grieve for little Caylee and for little Nevaeh, and many, many others,
our hearts go out to you and I hope this poem brings you great comfort and Peace. I
hope it brings peace to anyone who has lost a child. Our prayer is that you find even
more words of comfort and encouragement as you read even more of the poems
and stories at our website to help you find Peace in your grief.

Special thanks to Crystal Begin of
Vivid Crystal Wood Signs for the absolutely
beautiful memorial plaque she created using her artistic talents along with this poem
in memory of
Caylee Marie Anthony. See below for a photo of this plaque, or check
out her video on
YouTube to see the step by step creation of this touching memorial.

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child, I also recommend
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and "
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Memorial Wall
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"Littlest Angels" and to read the
"No Tears in Heaven".

Please be kind enough to read
Copyright Notice prior to
copying any poems from
this website.
Click here to see more artwork by Crystal.
Please be kind enough to read our Copyright Notice prior to
copying any poems from this website.


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