Adams, Dejuan Lamar
Alejandro, Lydia
Araujo, Candace A.
Armour, Jr., Ronald E.
Augugliaro, Thomas & Dorothy
Baker, Christina M.
Barnes, Gladys Marie Johnson
Barto, Kevin Roy
Bautista, Oliver
Beebe, Frank
Bland, Michael
Bleam, Joanne
Boone, Joyce
Bradford, Eric Rahn
Brinkman-Best, Sharon "Shar"
Brown, Saphire Marie
Buffkin, Melanie Brooke
Campbell, Carole
Casarez, Virginia M.
Corcoran, Gloria Mae Barnes
Cox, Destiny Rose Marie
Curtis, Kinsey Hobbs & Brayden Michael
Daniel, Melinda Elaine
Davis, George "Monroe"
Davison, Michael
Dion, Belinda
Dotson, Susan
Dyson, Derek Andrew
Effer, Anthony John & Tania Patricia
Effer, Rhonda Eileen
Egeler, Doralynn Beth
Fitzgerald, Andrew Gallagher
Gonzalez, Armando
Goodwin, Leon Alexander
Graves, Brandee Lynn
Green, Antionette Joan
Gutierrez, Albert
Hamill, David
Higgs, Justin Wayne
Holt, Shelvie Jean
Holt, William Roden
Honaker, Eugene Allen
Johnson, Tom
Johnson, Faye
Johnson, Heather and Kaiden
Kaczanowski, Lorrie Ann
Keller, Payton Nikelle~Louise
King, Betty E.
Kochis, Brian Michael Jr.
Korf, Vivian Yvonne Lippert
Lane, Jacob Norman
Lary, Billie Wayne
Laybutt, Daphne Ruth
Like, Michael, Sr.
Like, Joshua J.
Logan, James W.
Looney, Ethel Marie
This candle lit by Rainbow Faith in memory of all those listed here. You can place a candle on your loved one's Memorial Page.
Mack, Mrs. Emma Pearl Gregory
Mahaffey, Justin Brandon
Malinoski, Scott Anthony
Mann, Doris
Martinez, Jaime Jr.
McCraw, Nicolas Reid
McDaniel, Robert "Bobby" Edward
McLean, Cameron Frank
McManus, Linda Lynn
Middleton, Amanda Johnson
Miller, Norman Larry
Miller, Michael
Mitchell, Adonis Xavier
Mordes, Daniel Banjamin "Bill"
Morrison, Jim F.
Nahinurk, Kenneth Duane
Newman, Henry Wallace and Kathleen Ann
Nordgren, John
O'Dell, Audria Eunice
Pearson, Brian Jeffrey
Phelps, Della J. Coleman
Phillips, Lassie Marie "Carter"
Ray, Rev. Harold D.
Reine, Shirley M. (Souza)
Rodgers, Marian Irene
Salyers, Charles Edward
Scott, James Dale
Shoffner, Melinda Kathryn
Simpson, Charles M.
Sledd, Morgan Elizabeth
Smith, Betsy Ross Nichols
Smith, Harry Russell
Snyder, Kathleen Marie
Steinhart, Karl Lee
Stohler, Seth Michael
Strain, Jonathan Allen
Tapia, Vincent James
Taylor, Charles "Chuck" E.
Tewksbury, Peter
Thomas, James L.
Thomason, Linda J.
Tilton, David
Velasquez, Mark Andrew
Wallace, Harlis DeWayne (Wayne)
Waters, Duane
Webb, George Patrick
Webb, Loyal Franklin
Weeks,Terry Gene
White, Patricia Ann
Wilcox, Denise & Family
Wiley, Jason M.
Wojcik, Jillian Dawn
Woodards, Nelson Eugene "Nick"
Zilka, Nicole AnnMarie
"Special Remembrances"
Our "Special Remembrances" section is for memorials that although they may be brief, they are
heartfelt. These small plaques are available for those who want to post a memorial but do not have
a scanned photo or special poem to include. They include the loved ones name, birth date, death
date, and up to 3 lines of additional information. May God bless you and bring you Peace. ~ Ferna

Anderson, Randy Lee, Jr.
Appiah, Monueli Awoyo
Armstrong, Ruth
Blair, Tiffany C.
Brown, Winifred
Buck, Robert Wayne
Boothe, Teri Shockley
Dillard, Marie Nay
Eller, Patrice D.
Everett. Tommy
Frank, Jason Allen "Jaybird"
Galang, Eric
Garcia, Anthony Paul
Goodwin, Leon Alexander
Goodwin, Leon A.
Hall, Erik
Hamill, David William Peter
Hammons, A.F. "Uncle Doc"
Jones, Starla Diane Lynn
Laisle, Gladys
Lary, Carlton Ray
Lary, James William
Maddison, Mary
Martinez, Daniel James
McCoy, Edna Mae (Harris)
Norris, Donnie R.
O'Dell, Clarence David
Peters, Shelly
Remo, O'marion
Roberts, Sienna
Rose, Jayme "Jay" Robert
Shockley, Oliver Mc"Coy"
Tewksbury, Peter
Thompson, Maggie Ruth
Vernon, Lula Mable
Waggoner, Nancy Buck
Waggoner, Clayton Joseph
Webb, Raymond K.
White, Don
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View our "Children's Memorial Wall" in remembrance of the little
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another. View the memorials;  say a prayer of protection for all
children;  say a special prayer for adults who have children placed
in their care; and say a prayer for peace and comfort for families
who have lost their little children in such a senseless tragedy.

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